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Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District WWTP Improvements
Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District WWTP Improvements


Project Info: A new 3.5 MGD WWTP consisting of a new headworks, three basin sequencing batch reactors, UV disinfection, shop, administration building, storage lagoons, influent pump station, effluent pump station and electrical control and SCADA improvements at all the districts facilities.


Prime Consultant: Westech Engineering, Inc.


Owner: Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District


Contractor: Emery & Sons Construction, Inc.


Construction Cost: $ 22 Million

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Honeyman State Park Pump Station Improvments


Project Info: New sanitary sewer pumps, instruments, controls, stand-by generators and control building. The new pump station consists of 2 pumps, each having its own force main, check valve, and flow meters. The pumps convey septic tank effluent to a drain field split up into 4 zones with each zone having an existing electric actuated ball valve. Valves are systematically opened and closed by a new PLC depending on pump cycles.


Prime Consultant: Westech Engineering, Inc.


Owner: Oregon State Parks & Recreations Dept.


Contractor: Bateson Enterprises, LLC


Construction Cost: $ N/A

Mill Creek Reservoir
Mill Creek Reservoir


Project Info: New 2.2 million gallon drinking water reservoir. The control building contains a duplex transfer pump station designed to transfer 1,200 gpm to a higher service level reservoir, a chlorine booster and reservoir recirculation system, an 18-inch flow metering, electric actuated interfaced with a seismic event detection system. The electrical control room contains the power distribution equipment, PLC for monitoring and control and a radio telemetry panel for the SCADA system.

(*Photo Provided by Emery & Sons Construction, Inc.)


Prime Consultant: Westech Engineering, Inc.


Owner: City of Salem


Contractor: Emery & Sons Construction, Inc.


Construction Cost: $ 5.2 Million

Willow Lake Medium Voltage Distribution System
Willow Lake Medium Voltage Distribution System Improvements


Project Info: Provided design and construction services to replace medium voltage transformer, low voltage switchboards, and motor control centers. Assisting client with construction phasing, cost estimating, and product procurement. Helped client develop standards for medium voltage transformers.


Prime Consultant: Landis Consulting


Owner: City of Salem


Contractor: Cherry City Electric


Construction Cost: $ 400,000

Junction City Domestic Pump Station
Junction City Domestic Pump Station Improvements


Project Info: The wells pump to the City’s 1.25 MG and 2.2 MG ground storage tanks which supply DWPS. With four 100 HP vertical turbine pumps, plus a spare, operating in parallel DWPS provides a peak pump station capacity above 8,000 GPM pumping into the distribution grid and supplying the City’s new 300,000 gallon elevated reservoirs. The electrical contains VFD motor controls for the pumps, 500 kW Diesel standby generator and PLC control and radio telemetry for the SCADA system.


Prime Consultant: Westech Engineering, Inc.


Owner: City of Junction City


Contractor: 2G Construction


Construction Cost: $ 1.4 Million

Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District SCADA
Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District SCADA Improvements


Project Info: The new SCADA system design consists of 7 remote pump station sites in rugged terrain communicating via VHF radio telemetry with the master SCADA CPU located at the WWTP. The SCADA system allows the operators to remotely monitor and control the remote facilities as well as the Headworks, SBR and UV systems located on site.


Prime Consultant: Landis Consulting


Owner: Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District


Contractor: The Automation Group


Construction Cost: $ 500,000

Jefferson WWTP
Jefferson WWTP Improvements


Project Info: New 5 MGD influent lift station, new headworks with flow measurement and fine screen, two basin sequencing batch reactor, an effluent equalization basin, UV disinfection facilities, building housing the blowers and standby generator, and a new lab/office building for the public works department. The blower motors are on VFD motor controls, new 600 kW standby diesel generator, PLC control networked with the other control panels and a SCADA system allowing the operators to monitor operations, alarms and trending.


Prime Consultant: Westech Engineering, Inc.


Owner: City of Jefferson


Contractor: McClure & Sons, Inc.


Construction Cost: $ 7 Million

River road wet weather treatment facility
River Road Wet Weather Treatment Facility


Project Info: New 50 MGD high rate clarifier to treat effluent before reaching the WWTP. The facility is designed to treat and disinfect the liquids for discharge while separating the solids and routing to the WWTP. We provided peer review on the Owner’s behalf of the design put together by others. Assisted with the construction management during construction which included submittal reviews, RFI’s, change order requests, field inspections and review of monthly pay requests. We developed project specific start-up and commissioning plans and witnessed the start-up and commissioning activities for the Owner.


Prime Consultant: HDR, Inc.


Owner: City of Salem


Contractor: Natt McDougall Company


Construction Cost: $ 22 Million

Willow Lake wwtp laboratory

Willow Lake WWTP Laboratory / Administration / Maintenance Shop Buildings


Project Info: This project included a 28,000 sf office and laboratory building and a 17,000 sf maintenance building. The office and laboratory houses the facility staff as well as provides a state-of-the-art on-site laboratory and Distributed Control System (DCS) for monitoring and control of the various processes. The maintenance building allows the facility to store and maintain all equipment for the plant. The electrical service is a double ended sub-station feed from the medium voltage distribution system with a 37.5 UPS to back up critical facilities as well as a standby by generator.


Prime Consultant: HDR, Inc.


Owner: City of Salem


Contractor: Sladen Construction Group, Inc.


Construction Cost: $ 12 Million

Willsonville segment 3b water transmission pipline
Segment 3b Water Transmission Pipeline


Project Info: Provided design and construction services for a new Pressure Reducing Valve Vault control panel. Design included monitoring of water pressure and flow and valve control using a PLC. The PLC was integrated into the City of Wilsonville's existing SCADA system using fiber optic cable and radio telemetry.  Helped Client develop an overall plan for use of Ethernet based PLCs and network switches.


Prime Consultant: Westech Engineering, Inc.


Owner: City of Wilsonville


Contractor: Kerr Contractors


Construction Cost: $ 2.4 Million

Cherry avenue intertie pump station
Cherry Avenue Intertie Pump Station Improvements


Project Info: A new booster pump and intertie between the City of Keizer's water system and the City of Salem's water system. Construction includes provision of a tablet disinfection system, electrical room equipment with SCADA system, and pump room instruments and equipment. Work also includes a new radio tower, a new sewer lateral, and minor site work, concrete, and landscaping.


Prime Consultant: Westech Engineering,  Inc.


Owner:  City of Salem


Contractor: Triad Mechanical, Inc.


Construction Cost: $ 400,000

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